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Car Panel Repair in Hertfordshire, Essex and London

Car Body Repairs 4 Less repair panel scuffs in Hertfordshire, Essex and London. We repair your bumpers, wings, doors and boots, at your home or place of work. Panel spraying and panel colour coding on all components. Car Body Repairs 4 Less provide a panel spraying service where we can spray individual or multiple panels on or off the car. If your vehicle has scuffs or scrapes on the doors, wings or boot, this type of service would be ideal. The repair time is 2 - 3 hours for one panel or 3 - 4 hours for 2. Prices for this type of body repair varies , average price £120 per panel, includes 2 year guarantee.

Wheel arch panel scrape ware Hertfordshire

This customer returned to there car form a visit to the local shops and found that in that time someone had scraped the rear wheel arch panel of there car which had created a dent and scuff along the panel. The rear wheel arch is one of the strongest panels on a car; they usually have an inner skin and multiple curved areas so any scrape or knock that you might have on the rear is tough to remove. This dented panel had to be beaten in to shape then filled to remove any further imperfections. The job was carried out at the customer’s home address in ware Hertfordshire in less than 3 hours.

panel damage warepanel repair ware


Door Scratch on Mercedes GLA

A typical example of a vandal scratch on the rear door of this Mercedes GLA. It’s quite deep and in parts goes down to the metal in places. The job was carried out at the customer’s home address in Ware Hertfordshire and took slightly under 3 hours to complete

Scratch damage on doorPanel scratch repair


Lower Sill Damage Radlett

Rolling the car over a high kerb caused this deep set of scratches shown in the photos below. The car was based in Radlett Hertfordshire. We had to fill the deepest scratches in with plastic padding in order to recreate the shape of the lower sill and repaint and blend up the middle section of the panel. As you can see from the repair photo it looks as good as new and fixed in under 2 hours.

Lower Sill DamageLower Sill Repair


Dent and Scuff Damage in Ware Hertfordshire

This car was involved in a slight collision with another vehicle, the impact had slightly pushed in the lower rear wing near the bumper area and also scuffed the paint work on both the bumper and rear wing panels to boot. The job was local to us in Ware Hertfordshire and took us slightly over 3 hours to complete. The dent was knocked out and the paintwork filled and sprayed to a near perfect finish.

Dented scuff damage wareDented scuff repair hertfordshire


Scuffed and Dented Door and Wing in Colindale London

This is another example of a large area repair that most other SMART repair services wouldn’t take on. As you can see from the photos below the rear door and rear wheel arch has been scuffed and badly dented along the wheel arch contour line.

This customer was based in Colindale North London and had found us through the Internet. We had to knockout and skim in the door and wheel arch dents before we resprayed the rear door and rear wing.

The job took us in total 4 hours from start to finish and looked like new on completion.

Car Panel Repair in ColindaleCar Panel Repair North London

Car Panel Repair ServiceMobile Car Panel Repair Service


Multiple Dented Panels on BMW in Muswell Hill North London

We can take on most types of repairs when it comes to light collision damage but this job was something else. This customer had left his car outside his house over night and on his way out of his home he noticed that during the night someone had gone into the side of his car. The damage was quite severe and really outside of a SMART repairers ability to make a perfect job of it, but due to the age of the vehicle he didn’t want to spend a fortune at a body shop or go through his insurance so he contacted us and asked if we could do the best job we could.  We don’t usually take on jobs we can’t make perfect but after a lot of persuasion we agree to make it as good as we could.

The photo doesn’t show the extent of the damage well but you can see from the amount of filler applied to both the front and rear doors that it was a big one. The job took just over 4 hours to complete and on inspection of the finished repair it looked virtually perfect.

Dented Panel Damage Muswell HillDented Panel Repair Muswell Hill


Scuff over Front Wheel Arch Panel in Watford

This customer was based in Watford Hertfordshire and had his car scuffed while it was parked in a well-known supermarkets car park. The damage as you can see from the photos had dented the front near side wing and bumper sections of the wheel arch. The dents were skimmed in with fillers and the bumper reshaped back into position. The total time to fix this job was around 2 and half hours in total.

Wheel arch panel damage in WatfordWheel arch repair Watford


Wheel Arch Panel Scuff over Rear Wing and Rear Bumper Bishops Stortford

This scuff over the rear wheel arch was caused by the customer taking a corner too early and scuffing the rear wheel arch as a reult. The reapir took only 2 hours to complete due to the amount of curves on the effected panel the area that we sprayed was quite small. Customer based in Bishops Stortford Essex.

Wheel Arch Panel Scuff Bishops StortfordWheel Arch Panel Repair Bishops Stortford


Dented Panel Scratch on Lower Door St Albans

This dented scrape on the lower door panel was caused by taking a corner too early. The door caught a low post as the car was turning. As you can see its only slightly pushed in. We had to pull out as much of the impression as we could then skimmed some filler in to get the shape perfect. The entire lower section of the door had to be be blown in to blend in the paint.

As you can see an outstanding result for a fraction of the cost of a bodyshop.

Dented Panel Scratch Lower Door St Albans St Albans Dented Panel Scratch Repair



Large Panel Dent Bishops Stortford

This was caused by the driver reversing into their front garden wall while trying to manoeuvre. The area that's damaged is not only scratched but also badly dented. The main flat section of the wheel arch is completely caved in and required knocking out and filling. The job took just over 3 hours to complete, most of that time was spent reshaping the wheel arch.

Panel Dent Bishops StortfordDent Panel Repair Bishops Stortford



Large Dented Panel in North London

This I can safely say is the largest dent we have carried out on a customer's car. It is located on the rear wheel arch and rear door of a VW. The panel has been pushed in and has cracked as well as there being scuffs and scratches on both the effected panels. The job took us around 3 hours to finish.

dented panel LondonPanel Dent removal London


The main area pushed in had to be knocked out and the remainder filled in. the hardest part of this job was trying to get the contour lines and shape back to a reasonable standard, but as you can see it turned out pretty well.


Panel Damage in West Thurrock

This large dent on the rear of a Vauxhall in West Thurrock Lakeside was caused by a delivery lorry which when reversing slightly touched the customers rear wing just past the door. The area effected is quite large and needed to be levered out some by a slide hammer then skimmed in with filler to get the shape back.

the job in total took around 2 hours, the weather was good and there was no wind so we completed the job ahead of schedule.

Panel Damage West ThurrockPanel Repair West Thurrock


Car Panel Repair Loughton Essex

As you can see from the photos below the damage is on the front off side wing and also scuffing to the lower bumper section. The two damaged car panels need different types of repairs. The metal wing panel needed the large dent pulled out and the remainder filled where as the plastic bumper panel was a straight forward scuff repair. The job was carried out on a day when it rained a lot so the repair time took longer than usual. The paint was blown up the wing and across the bumper to blend it in with the rest of the panels.

Car Panel Damage Loughton Essex Car Panel Repair Loughton Essex


Lower Seal Panel Repair Hertfordshire

This dented scuff on the lower panel of this car was caused by cutting a cornner in a car park to early. The impact of the low wall has caused the seal to dent and leave multiple scratches behind. Our mobile service got to this customer within 7 days and fixed the damage within 2 hours.

Mobile panel repair HertfordshirePanel Damage Hertfordshire


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Dean did a de-rusting job on my beloved 14 year-old Peugeot 406 a few weeks ago. Excellent job, done with real care and attention and far more perfection on the tricky paint-matching job on the bonnet than I was looking for. All this, and a bubbly, warm character too. Heartily recommended. Paul Tilson

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