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Multiple Repairs Can Save You Money

Having the odd bumper scuff or key scratch damage repaired at separate times by our mobile repair service have fixed cost due to the materials that have to be acquired and equipment needed for that specific type of repair at each visit. Trying to receive money off for individual repairs is quite a difficult task for there is very little movement if any on price due to these fixed overheads on individual repairs. The best way to recieve a discount on body repairs is if you have more than one repair carried out on the same car in the same visit.  A discount can be given (at the mobile car body repair technicians discretion) for the equipment and materials are already available and on site for that specific repair therefore not requiring our mobile car body repair service to revisit the customer for separate repairs, not only cutting down on money savings but also lowering our carbon foot print by reducing the amount of fuel that we use and the material wastage in the process.

For Example if a customer has 2 bumper scuffs on his or her car and the average price for a single bumper scuff repair is £120 inclusive of VAT then having them repaired at separate visits would cost in the region of £240 inclusive of VAT. But by having the repairs carried out in the same visit by our mobile service the price could be as low as £185 inclusive of VAT (depending upon the type of damage size of area to spray and severity of damage). The savings can be even greater depending on how many other repairs you wish our service to repair.

So as you can see by using our mobile car body repair service for more than one repair in one visit will not only put your car back in showroom condition but also save you money in the long run. This type of discount strategy works well and is one main reason that car showrooms and garages continually use our mobile car body repair service for their car body repairs on new and used cars on therefore courts.


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Dean did a de-rusting job on my beloved 14 year-old Peugeot 406 a few weeks ago. Excellent job, done with real care and attention and far more perfection on the tricky paint-matching job on the bonnet than I was looking for. All this, and a bubbly, warm character too. Heartily recommended. Paul Tilson

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