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Winter Protection for your Vehicle

Winter is rebound for making car damage rapidly increase in severity if left without any form of protection. This article will give you some valuable tips for maintaining the integrity go your cars body work over the winter months until you get the problem fixed at a later date. The advice given is not a permanent solution but a stop gap temporary measure that will reduce the chance of the damage getting worse.


The chance of getting rust on your vehicle can be grammatically reduced by keeping the car clean, especially around the wheel arches and seals for if there is dirt or debris around these areas the water will start to well up on the seals and therefore create an opportunity for rust to take hold in the panel.  For some hard to reach areas such as the interior sections of wheel arches try applying grease around the seal sections, this will help with the run off of water and seal any potential areas where rust might contaminate. If your car has stone chip damage try and get some paint and touch them in for if left the water and salt from the roads over winter will aid in the rusting process and result in a costly re-spray to repair the problem.

Rust Prevention

Bumper Cracks

If your car has cracks in its bumper on the front or rear its always better to place some strong adhesive tape over the damaged area for the varying temperatures can increase the cracks length and therefore the repair cost as a result.

Bumper Crack

Car Scratches

If there is deep scratches on your car such as vandal/key scratches touch them in with some paint for they too will start to rust if there is bare metal on show. Light scratches like the ones around handles can get worse if not treated for once the lacquer layer has been broken the paint and primer layers can be easily worn away with the wintery conditions.

Bumper Scratch


If you can’t stand cleaning ice off your windscreen every morning why not try and place a tight fitting blanket over the windows, in the morning remove the blankets and voila no ice no cold hands.


Always make sure you have a spare coat, blanket, torch and bottle of water in the boot of your car. If you get stuck on an ice road or have a breakdown you will be thankful you planed ahead.


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Dean did a de-rusting job on my beloved 14 year-old Peugeot 406 a few weeks ago. Excellent job, done with real care and attention and far more perfection on the tricky paint-matching job on the bonnet than I was looking for. All this, and a bubbly, warm character too. Heartily recommended. Paul Tilson

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