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Archive Body Repair Jobs

Auto Scratch Repair Stevenage

This customer had his Audi Q2 scuffed while it was parked. The damage is located over the front corner section of the bumper and slightly over the wheel arch trim. The job was carried out at the customers home address in Stevenage Hertfordshire in under 2 hours.

Auto scratch damage stevenageAuto Scratch Repair Stevenage


Auto Scratch Repair Royston

A low lying post caused this scratch on the near side bumper corner on a brand new Peugeot, that the customer scuffed while trying to park. The paint and undercoat has been removed and you can see the bare plastic. The job was carried out in Royston in Hertfordshire and took just under 2 hours to complete.

Auto scratch damage roystonAuto Scratch Repair


Scratch Repair Cheshunt

This customer had parked outside of his work and the shop next doors sign had fallen over onto the corner section of the car.  The Sharpe edges of the sign had taken deep gouges out of the paintwork and around the lower trim area.  We repaired the damage and repainted the prepped area putting it back to showroom condition. The job took just under 2 hours to complete and looks like it had never been damaged in the first place.

Mobile car scratch repair cheshuntScratch repair cheshunt


Damaged Paintwork on Bumper in Enfield

This Toyota was located in the busy town of Enfield in North London. This customer had damaged the paintwork on the rear trim on her car. The damage was only slightly on the surface and thankfully for her not too deep. The entire job was over and done with in under 2 hours and was completed at the customers home address.

Paintwork Damage EnfieldPaintwork Repair Enfield


Bumper Damage on Volkswagen in Brentwood

Another driver had hit this Volkswagen. The damage as you can see in the photos below is based above and below where the number plate sits on the rear. The plastic panel has been deformed and the area around it has been badly gouged. The job was carried out at the customers address in Brentwood Essex and completed within 4 hours.

Bumper Damage Onger EssexDamaged Bumper in Ongar

BUmper Repair Ongar EssexBUmper Repair Brentwood Essex


Scratches on lower Bumper in Stansted

As you can see from the photos the damage is located on the lower section of the front panel, it stretches around the corner to the light fitting. The job was completed outside the customer’s place of work in Stansted Essex and completed within 2 hours.

Bumper scratch stanstedBumper scratch repair stansted


Bumper Scratch on Renault in North London

This repair was carried out in Barnet North London. The customer had caught it while reversing into a tight spot. The paint damage was not too bad it’s the slight warping of the plastic that caused us a few issues. We had to reshape the deformed plastic edge before we could even attempt to repair the paintwork.

The job took just over a couple of hours to complete at the customers house in Barnet and looks like new.

Bumper Scuff BarnetBumper Scuff Repair Barnet North London


Paint damage on Lexus in St Albans

This customers Lexus had been knocked while parked in a shopping centre. The Damage as you can see is located on the rear corner of the cars bumper. It’s not too deep and was easy enough to blend in due to it being right on the corner of the panel. We carried out the job at the customer’s home address and was all done and dusted within 2 hours.

Scratch on Lexus St AlbansLexus Scratch Repair St Albans


Scratch on front Bumper of Jaguar Sawbridgeworth

This scuff on the front corner section of this customer’s car was caused by his wife catching a low obstacle while moving down a tight alley in Sawbridgeworth Hertfordshire. The damage is only slight as can be seen by the photos below and only required a small amount of plastic padding in order to reshape the panel. The hardest bit of the job was the painting, the paint was so transparent that I had to put on at least 5 coats in order to cover the under coat. The job was completed within 2 hours and looks like it was never there.

Scratch on front bumper SawbridgeworthFront bumper paint repair in sawbridgeworth


Scratch on Peugeot Bumper in Loughton Essex

This scratch was caused by getting too close to a low bollard in a supermarkets car park. The scratch as you can see is on the lower front off side bumper corner. This customer was based in Loughton Essex; we carried out the repair outside the customer’s house and in less than 2 hours to boot.

Scuff on Car in Loughton EssexScuff Repair Loughton


Paint Damage on Ferrari F149 California

It’s not only the run of the mill type of car we repair but every now and again we have to fix high-end sports cars as well. This Ferrari F149 had a paint scuff on the lower front bumper corner. Due to its low profile this is a common area on these types of cars that take the brunt of any low impact collision. The customer already had an over inflated quote to fix the paint scratch from Ferrari and was not prepared to pay over £1000 for a bumper scratch. We fixed the paint damage for under £150 and he was over the moon with the result and the price.

Paint Damage on FerrariPaint Repair on Ferrari Bumper


Bumper Scratch Repair in Wickford Essex

Slight scratching around the near side front corner of the bumper and around the wheel arch section. The hardest part of this job was blending in of the silver metalic paint, but with over 12 years experience was not an issue. This customer had been quoted over £400 by a local body shop. We fixed the damage on his car for £120.

Bumper Paint Repair WickfordMobile bumper repair Wickford Essex


Bumper Scratch Repair Leytonstone

This customer had multiple scuffs on his BMW in Leytonstone East London. Where his car is white the scuffs and scratches really stand out. The damage in the photo below took around 2 hours to complete and looked like new once finished.

Scratch on Bumper LeytonstoneBMW Bumper Repair Leytonstone

Scratch on Lower Panel in Stanstead Abbotts Ware

This slight scratch was probabily caused by a low protruding branch down the tiny country roads that surround the Stanstead Abbotts area in Ware. It only took slightly under the 2 hour mark to fix the damage. The customer was very pleased with the result.

Bumper Scratch WareBumper Scratch Repair Stanstead Abbotts


Scratch Repair on Fiat Enfield

This little scrape was caused by another driver as he was moving out of a tight space. The damage is not too bad and just required a small amount of filler skimed over then a local respray of the damaged area. The job took just under 2 hours and looked great.

Scratch on Bumper EnfieldBodywork repair Enfield


Multiple Scratches on Bumper Stansted

This car was going back to the lease company and the customer did not want to get fleeced like they did last time when they returned a car. So he read reviews of the service we offer and took us up on our free quote service. He decided to go ahead with the job.

As you can see there are two separate scuffs on the front bumper, both are relatively small and took just under 2 hours to finish. The car when back to the hire firm and they were none the wiser, which saved our customer Hundreds of pounds.

Slight Scratch StanstedCheap Scratch Repairs Bishops Stortford

VW Golf Scratch StanstedCheap Scratch Repairs Stansted


Lower Scrape on Toyota Sawbridgeworth

The damage wasnt the tricky part of this job but the paintwork was. The red colour is very thin and needed at least 4 coats to cover all the priming work carried out before. It didt help that the weather got worse while the paint was drying, but we managed.

Bumper Scrape in SawbridgeworthSmart Repair Sawbridgeworth


Bumper Scratch Repair in Welwyn Garden City

This Knock on the front corner panel was caused by the driver slightly touching a fence post just out side where they work. The damage was only light and took a couple of ours to fix.

Paintwork damage Welwyn Garden CityFixed Painwork Damage Welwyn

Paintwork Repair in Watford

This slight knock on the rear corner was caused by a runaway trolley at a well known supermarket. The trolley slid down the corner section of this customers bumper at pace and grazed the paintwork off as a result. As you can see the damage is quite light and took no longer than a couple of hours to fix.

Scratched paintwork WatfordPaintwork repair on bumper corner in Watford

Bumper Scratch Bishops Stortford

As you can see the lower section of this panels is damaged, caused by glancing a wall while trying to park. Its only superfishal but did require some filling. The job took just under 2 hours.

Scuff Bishops StortfordRepair Bishops Stortford

Dented Scuff Harpenden Hertfordshire

The damage shown in this photo is a dent on the lower wing and a slight graze on the bumper corner of a Mazda 2 in Harpenden Hertfordshire. The main problem with this job was the colour and not the dented wing section. It's always difficult to repaint a white car for if there is even the tiniest piece of dust or dirt that gets blown into the paintwork when spraying will stand out like a sore thumb. The dent due to its location did needed to be filled. Job took 3 hours to complete.

Dented scuff in HarpendenDented scuff repair Harpenden

Bumper Damage to a Jaguar in Harlow Essex

The damage shown in the photo below was caused by slightly touching a low wall out side the customers work place. The scratches are very deep and were in need of filling. The repair took us just under 2 hours to complete. This customer got our number through a recommendation from a neighbour who lived a few doors down.

Bumper damage on Jaguar in Harlow EssexBumper repair on Jaguar in Harlow Essex

Bumper Scratch in Ware

This damage is on the off side corner and is quite deep. The customer was local to us in Hertford Hertfordshire. The job was carried out on a day when the rain couldnt decide whether it wanted to rain or not. The job took a little longer due to this but looked as good as new once completed.

Bumper scratch in WareBumper scratch fixed in Ware

Bumper Trim scratch in Bishops Stortford

This customer had multiple repairs on his red VW Polo. We got there for 8am and had 4 areas of damage to fix, the scuff on the bumper trim shown below was one of them. The damage was caused by slightly touching his wall in the garage. The only problem with red is that you need multiple coats of paint to cover it so it took a little longer than usual to complete the job.

Bishops Stortford Trim DamageBishops Stortford Trim Repair

As you can see the damage has been completely  fix. To carry out all 3 bumper corner repairs took over 3 hours.

Bumper Scratch Damage in Harlow

This little knock was a result of slightly touching a wall near a shopping centre in Harlow in Essex. The customer needed the problem fixed within 24 hours. Where we are a local service to Harlow we were able to fit her in at the end of the day so her partner would not see the damage on his return from work. Naughty Girl!

Harlow Bumper damageHarlow Essex Paint Fixed

Bumper Scratch Repair Cheshunt

This slight knock on the rear section of this customers car was a result of reversing into a low lying post. As you can see its not just the paint that's affected, the impact also scraped out a good deal of plastic too. The job in total took around 2 hours to finish, and the results speak for themselves.

This job was based in Cheshunt Hertfordshire, nice and local.

Car Scuff CheshuntScuff Repair Cheshunt

Bumper Scratch in Ware Hertfordshire

This customer was having her front of her house decorated when the tradesmen that were carrying out the work parked there car a little to close to hers. The result was that the tradesmen's van slightly knocked into the front panel of her car leaving a light graze on the corner section. The damage was not too severe and was completely fixed within 2 hours, the only difficulty was the colour blend. the results speak for themselves with a near floorless finish.

Daage on Bumper in WareBumper Scratch Repair in Ware

Bumper Scratch Repair in Bishops Stortford

The damage on the rear corner section on this white Audi in Bishops Stortford in Essex was caused by getting too close to a low wall while parking. As you can see the lacquer, paint and some plastic has been removed as a result of the impact especially on the lower section. To correct this we had to use filler to skim in the deeper scratches and to reshape the effected area. The day we carried this out was gloomy dull and drizzly therefore the repair time was extended as a result. It took just over two hours in total and looks great.

Bumper Scratch Damage Bishops StortfordBumper Scratch Repair Bishops Stortford

Bumper Scratch Repair Brentwood

These set of deep scratches on the rear corner were a result of getting too close to a brick wall while trying to park. Good job the panel is plastic for that sort of an impact on a metal part would almost certainly require a replacement. The job was carried out in Brentwood Essex by our mobile service on one of the few dry days we have had this winter. It only took 2 hours and looks good as new. The customer had originally had the car booked in at a local body shop and was prepared to pay £400, good job he contacted us before he took the car in, we only charged £95.

Bumper Scratch Damage BrentwoodBumper scratch repair Brentwood


Bumper Scratch Repair in Rainham Essex

As you can see the damage is over 2 panels the rear bumper corner and the rear wing. Even though the damage is slight on the wing there is nowhere to blend the paint in, so we had to blend the paint up the wing to lose the edge.

Bumper scratch Essex Damage Bumper scratch repair Essex

Another difficulty with this job is the colour. Matching the colour is ok but painting it is a different kettle of fish, there needs to be no wind and the spray guns need to be spotless, for if you get even one speck of dirt on white painted cars it shows up and makes the finished repair look unprofessional. All care was taken and the results speak for themselves. The job took 2 hours to complete

Bumper Scratch Repair Harlow Essex

The damage on this Merc is on the front off side area around the wheel arch. It was caused by a light collision with a low brick wall in a supermarket. The customer found our details on line and booked us in to carry out the work.

Bumper Scratch Damage HarlowBumper Scratch Repair Harlow

The whole job took us around 2 hours and looked like a new panel. The customer was pleased with the result. Jobs like the one above can take as little as an hour or as long as 3 hours, it all depends on how bad the damage is. This job only require a small amount of plastic padding and with a warm dry day this was completed within time.

Bumper Scratch Repair Epping Essex

This customer had left his car outside his house overnight and in the morning found that someone had gone into the rear of his vehicle. There was no note and no one had seed the accident. He did not want to go through his insurance in case his premiums were increase so gave us a call to get it fixed. The damage is located right on the corner section of the rear bumper, which is a good place if any to be hit for the blending in of the paintwork is much easier.

Bumper Scratch Damage EppingBumper Scratch Repair Epping

After a few problems with the weather were corrected the job finally was completed within an hour and a half. The only tricky part of this repair was trying to keep all small bits of dust and debris from sticking to the paint while being cured. Because its white any thing other than white dust would show up on the completed repair.



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