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Paintless Scratch Repair

Read our article on how paintless scratch repair/ removal can save you money and time in not having your panel sprayed...Read More

Split Bumpers

Splits on plastic or fibreglass bumpers can be fixed. Its a tricky job but someones got to do it. See how we go about fixing them...Read More

Lease Returns

When its time to give your car back to the hire company you dont want to be stung with a hefty bill...Read More

DIY Repairs

If you fancy carring out the repairs on your car it might be good to read this article first

Car Bumper Repair

Have you ever wondered what your options are when it comes to getting your car bumper fixed? what repair method to go for or what type of service to use?

Local Scratch Repairs

If you live within a ten-mile radius of ware recieve our automatic discount if you use our local scratch repair service...Read More

Winter Paint Protection

Winter is defiantly here. If you want your car to be protected in the cold months follow our easy guide on how to protect your car in winter.

High Standards of Paint Repairs

Our repairs are of the highest standard and once there fixed you would never tell that it had been painted in the first place. Our finishing on the repairs is second to none with showroom like repairs...Read More

Fixing Poor Quality Repairs

No one wants to to pay for a repair twice, so get the right person in for the job the first time around. read our guide on poor qulity repairs and how to get the job done right...Read More

Can We Fix Rust Damage?

This article provides all the information you need to know in order to identify rust at an early stage how to get it treated and what preventative measures to take in the future...Read More

What to do if someone damages your car

In the event that you return to your car after a spot of shopping and find that someone has hit your car, what do you do? This article provides information for you to followif it happens to you...Read More

Local Car Body Repair Service

We provide a local car body repair service to all areas in Herts, essex and london. This job was carried out in Colindale North London on a large area repair...Read More

Seat Upholstery Repair

One of our most popular types of service is the seat upholstery Repair Service...Read More

Novelty Car Gift Ideas

Christmas is nearly here, are you stuck for what to get people? well check out these car related gift ideas...Read More

New Dealership

Great news! we have recently taken on a Vauxhall dealership in the Royston are of Hertfordshire...Read More

The Future of Smart Repairs

What exciting things are to come in the future for this repair process? What developments are already in the pipline to make the process cheaper and more efficient? Read this article and find out more...Read More

Smart Repair Service Near Me

Its hard to find the right repair service at the right price. This article provides all the information you need when looking for a Smart Repair Service near you...Read More

Protect your car from winter salt

Have you ever wondered how salt and water can cause problems for you and your car? Well rear this article to find out how it can be so destructive and what measures you can employ to protect yourself from it...Read More

Car Body Repairs - What Can Our Specialists Fix?

Our SMART Repair method has evolved throughout the years and we can now take on larger areas of damage. This article provides information on the types of repairs we are able to carry out and the progress of the SMART Repair system throughout the years...Read More

How Summer Heat Can Affect Repairs

Find out how we manage to carry out the repair work in the hot heat of the summer, and find out what possible problems it can cause...Read More

Simple Wheel Arch Repair

Wheel arch repairs do not have to dent your pocket. We can repair most types of wheel arch damage thats on your wing and bumper at at reasonable prices and at the convenience of you...Read More

Maximize the value of your car

If you want to increase the value of your car prior to selling and dont want to pay over inflated repair prices, read this article it will provide you with all the info you need on increasing your cars value...Read More

Smart Repairs on Performance Cars

Have you ever paid over the odds for a simple bumper scuff repair on your high performance car before? If so read on about how our mobile Smart Repair Servive can save you time and money on those costly scuffs and scrapes...Read More

Cheap Car Body Repairs

For the best possible repair price on your car bodywork repair you need to know the possible repair options and services available. This article gives you information on the best repair service to use for your type of damage...Read More

Mobile Automotive Repair

Our mobile automotive repair service covers all of Herts and Essex as well as North London. We can get to you within 7 days as long as you are in the areas we cover...Read More

Plastic Bumper Repair

Have you ever wondered how we fix plastic bumpers? This article provides information on how we fix plastic bumpers compared to Body Shops, what methods we use and the cost for such a service...Read More

Hole repair on a Bumper in Watford

This was a repair carried out in Watford. Its a hole the size of an egg on the rear bumper of a customers car in Watford. See the result...Read More

Mobile Paintwork Scratch Repair in Ware

We cover all areas within Ware in Hertfordshire. This is a typical example of the type of damage you can get by travelling down the tight country roads that surround Ware in Hertfordshire...Read More

Mobile Bodywork Repairs Watford

Do you live in the Watford or Bushey areas of Hertfordshire/North London? If you need a quote on some car damage you might have or are just interested in what services we provide for the Watford area?...Read More

Car Bodywork Repairs Enfield

Enfield is an area in North London that we service. This article provides information on the types of service we cater for in Enfield aswell as the requirements nessasary for us to carry out the work...Read More

Vehicle Vandal Scratches

I have been fixing car paintwork for over 12 years, in all that time the worst type of damage for us to fix and our customers to experience is the Vandal Scratch a mindless act that can effect people for years...Read My Views

Smart Repair Quote By Phone

Use our new quick quote service, send us the photos of your car body damage to 07966799721 for an estimate within 1 hour...Read More

Great Start To The Year

Its been our best start to the year ever! Since the new year our work load has shown a rapid increase both with private and trade. This has resulted in...Read More

Another New Garage

Great news Car Body Repairs 4 Less have just taken on another garage. This one is in the Royston area and has over 100 cars in stock...Read More

Stone Chip Touch In Service

Do you have the stone chip sprayed? or have it touched in? This article will provide you with a good base to make up your own mind on what is best for your stone chip repair...Read More

Working in The Cold of Winter

When you work out side all day its hard, especially when its cold, windy and it rains. This article sheds light on those cold months and how we cope as a mobile paint repair service...Read More

The Perfect Crack Repair

We use only the best repair methods when it comes to fixing cracks on bumpers and paintwork. This article provides information on the methods we use...Read More

Most Common Paintwork Repairs

Here is a list of our most popular repair service that we offer. Over the last 12 years of us in business we have noticed that there are a few services that people require the most of these are...Read More

Does Cold Weather Effect Smart Repairs?

As the weather gets worse over the comming months our smart repair service can still help to fix your scuffs and scratches even in the harshest conditions. If you want to know how then read our article...Read More

Simple Bumper Repairs

Bumper repairs can be tricky to fix or they can be easy. Trying to differentiate between the two is a hard task. This article try's to explain the difference in more detail with photos of example...Read More

Our Biggest Repairs To Date

Sometimes we have been asked by our customers to carry out some really big repairs for a smart repair service. Most of which are really body shop jobs. This article provides some before and after photos of some of these jobs that we have taken on in the past. The results were amazing...Read More

The Problem With Silver

Of all the cars we have sprayed over the years from blacks and blues to whites and reds it's the silver colour cars that cause us the most problems. This article provides some answers to why silver is such a tricky colour to paint...Read More

Winter repairs

Summer has gone and we are already in the middle of autumn with winter fast approaching. Here at car body repairs 4 less we have the ability to carry out our mobile service throughout the winter period, with the use of...Read More

Auto Paint Repair Hertfordshire and Essex

Most cars as some point or another will get some form of body damage like scuffs or scratches dents or stone chips. Having these minor dings fixed at the right price is key to whether they get repaired at all

Crazy Car Body Repairs

Being in the car body repair industry for the past 15 years I have seen a great many things, but nothing could have prepared me for what you are about to see. The images below are of DIY car body repairs that people thought they would try and fix themselves.

Local smart repair service.

As you can tell from our website we are based in Hertfordshire and cover Essex and parts of North London, we cover these areas for we have worked there for over 12 years so we know the areas and neibourhoods like the back of our hand...Read More

Halfords Call Car Body Repairs 4 Less

We carry out numerous body work repairs for all sorts of businesses and people. Recently The bike and car spares shop Halfords started to offer there customers a Smart Repair service to rival all the others on the market. They claimed to be the best in the business, so I was more than shocked to get a call from them...Read More

Things to consider before you contact us

If you are in need of our services please consider the following before you contact us...Read More

Minor Car Scuff Repair Service

If you tend to get the larger scuffs repaired on your car then why not get the smaller ones fixed too. It can make a huge difference to the appearance of your car and give it that showroom finish back. Most minor car scuffs are caused by slight grazing of a panel on to an object while the vehicle is moving like while trying to park or by having someone open there car door on you yours....Read More

How Your Cars Colour Changes Over Time

Most people think that once you purchase a vehicle the colour it is will be the colour it will always be, but unfortunately they would be wrong. All car exterior paint is covered in a hardened top coat of lacquer which is it’s only protection from chips and scratches but it’s not only the chips and scratches that can damage the paint layer underneath the lacquer...Read More

Cracked paint repairs

Sometimes when a car body panel has been scuffed or scratched the impact of the collision can cause the paint work to crack forming stress related fractures around the scuffed or scratched area. The cracks usually form in the shape of lines emanating outward from the impact point getting less dense the...Read More

Average Mobile Repair Time

As we are a mobile car body repair service with a unique niche in the automotive repair market we do get asked a lot of questions about our repair methods. One such question we get asked a lot is how long will the repair take. Where before you would take your car into a body shop to get fixed our service...Read More

Large Damage Repairs

Although smart repairs mainly deals with small to medium collision damage on cars we do sometimes get asked to repair areas on cars  where the damage is quite severe. For example the photo below shows a large dent on the front wing of  a Mazda mx5, the damage itself is not the difficult bit but the area that it’s in where it crosses the wheel arch contour line.

Mobile Body Repairs vs. Insurance

If you have had a knock on your car that’s scuffed your bumper, dented your door or even scratched your wing how should you go about getting it repaired? You can either go throughout insurance or pay for the repairs yourself, which one should you go for and which one would be the most cost efficient? In this article we will be exploring both options in detail to gain a perspective from both angles...Read More

Door Edge Chips

When ever you open your car door you run the risk of it hitting another object such as a wall or another car. with car parking spots getting every increasingly smaller and cars increasing in size its almost inevitable that at some point you are likely to chip paint of your door edge whether its an accident or not...Read More

Light Scratch Prevention

Scratches can come in all shapes and sizes from scuffs on the bumper to vandal damage on the doors, there are multiple variations of these but none more numerous than those light scratches caused by keys opening a door or by light contact of a sharp object when passing a panel. All these types of damage can be prevented if you just keep in mind the tips below...Read More

Our most popular repairs

We as a car body repair service fix all sorts of damage on a varieties of panels from bonnets and doors to wings and bumpers. The areas we cover are quite vast and so are the available repairs we offer, but of all our services there are 3 main types of damage that are most common, they are bumper scuff/scratch repairs, stone chips and seat burns...Read More

Large Dent Repair London

Dents come in all shapes and sizes and as a mobile service there is a limit to what size of dent we can fix. body shops and accident repair  centers can repair all types of dents and all sizes but where we are a mobile service we just don’t have the equipment to fix all varieties of dented panel damage.

Unexpected things that can damage your car

It’s not only the obvious incidents that damage your car like a bumper scuff when parking or a scratch on the side of your car from someone walking past, it can also be the unseen items of everyday life that can cause the most problems, some of which

Save on Scratch Repairs

Most people see a scratch on their car and think, that’s going to cost a fortune to get fixed, not so for there are a few repair techniques that we use that can save you money on repair costs....Read More

How To Avoid Stone Chips

Stone chips on cars can be virtually imposable to prevent, they occur when  small objects at speed are thrown at your car from the vehicle in front, usually small stones or debris that litter the roads surface...Read More

Seat Burn Repair Techniques

There is only one cause of a seat burn and that is when a lit cigarette falls by accident onto your cars seat fabric. The resulting burn can be a light as a surface burn or go deeper into the foam itself, either way the repair techniques we use are very similar for both...Read More

Repair Processes
Bumper Scratch Paint Process
Key Scratch Paint Process
Seat Burn Refurbish Process
Bumper Scuff Repair Process
Panel Scratch Removal Process
Rust Removal Process
Light Scratch Removal Process
Dent Removal
Paintwork Scratches

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