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Can we fix a rust repair?

Rust on your car can be easy to spot if you know what you’re looking for. But for the average person identifying rust at an earlier stage could be troublesome and most people will only see the rust when it's at an advanced stage.

Identifying the rust

The best way to examine your vehicle would be to first get it cleaned, a clean car makes it easier to identify imperfections on the paintwork. The first place to check would be the wheel arches, run your hand gently around the outer and inner arch areas feeling for any imperfections on the paintwork. Then check around the edges of the rest of your panels, it's at the edges where paint is likely to be chipped and form rust if not treated. Also check around all the rubber sills of doors, boots and bonnets for imperfections or small bubbling areas of rust. Catching the rust at an early stage is critical when it comes to having it repaired, for the more advanced the rust is the more expensive the removal would be.

Rust DamageRust

Preventing rust

Rust proofing your car is not an exact science and all rust proofing techniques are not infallible, all you can do is prepare your car the best you can. Rust is generally caused by water getting on to bare metal, once this occurs it will spread quickly, so if you see any bare metal like stone chips on bonnets, door edges, wheel arches or sills get them touched in, this will create a barrier from the water and prevent rust. Keeping your rubber sills clean and free from dirt and grime will help the water flow away from your car and prevent it from welling up in unwanted areas. Lastly use grease around the inside of your wheel arches this will also create a barrier and stop water and road salt from gathering unseen on your cars arches.

Fixing rust

The only sure fire way to fix rust without the possibility of it returning would be to replace the entire panel, this would be the most expensive repair method. Another option would be to have the rust cut out and another section welded on, again another expensive technique.

How we repair rust is by sanding off all the visible rust, treating it then applying layers of etching primer which adds additional protection followed by layers of paint and lacquer. This technique works best when the rust is at its early stages, when the rust is at a more advanced stage or on areas of the car where accessibility to both sides of the panel are restricted a guarantee could not be given on rust returning.

Taking all the advice above into consideration it's best to maintain a regular inspection on your car as well as the preventative measures explained above to aid in the prevention of rust. You might not be able to stop rust for good but you will certainly slow it down.

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