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Bumper Damage Repair in Hertfordshire, Essex and London

Sometimes when you have an impact on your bumper area of your car the damage can either be scratched, scuffed or sometimes deformed. A standard scuff or scratch is a straight forward type of repair that can take around 2 hours to fix, but if the plastic is misshaped or deformed the repair can be a little more intensive and require additional processes to complete. Below is an example of a bumper that has been misshaped by impacting a low post while parking.

Bumper Damage in Barnet North London

This scuff was on a Volvo XC60 in Barnet North London. The customer had knocked his car while reversing out onto a main road. The damage is only slight but due to its position the size of the area to paint in order to blend it in was quite large. I had to blend the paint up to the bumper edges, effectively painting 2/3rds of the rear bumper.

Bumper Damage BarnetDamage repair Barnet North London


Warped Bumper Repair Saffron Walden

This was a tough repair. Not only had the bumper been scuffed and scratched but the panel had been slightly pushed in and warped at the edges. This customer was based in Saffron Walden in Essex, they got our number from a neighbour whom we had previously repaired a car for.

Warped bumper Saffron WaldenWarped bumper repair Saffron Walden


The plastic panel had to be reshaped before we could fill the scratches and getting that stage right was key to a perfect repair. The job took no longer that 2 hours and on completion looked like new.

Slight Grazing of Plastic Corner Section on a car in Royston

Every week we go to car garages at set times during the working week. Each garage we attend we have to carry out multiple jobs on multiple cars of differing age and design. Below is a standard example of a typical repair that we would have to carry out.

Corner Panel Damage in RoystonCorner Bumper Scuff Repair Royston


Bumper Damage On Ford in Goffs Oak

This damage is on the rear section low down on the panel. The resulting scrape has taken off some of the plastic which needed to be plastic filled. The job took us just under 2 hours and looked as good as it did once it was new.

Scuff on bumper goffs oakBumper repair goffs oak

Bumper Dent and Scuff Romford Essex

This Dented scuff on the rear off side corner of a Suzuki Swift in Romford Essex was caused by reversing into a low lying post. As you can see its only damaged in a small section. The dent had to be pulled out and reshaped then the scuff filled and sprayed. The job time took a little over 2 hours to complete.

Dented scuff romford essexDented scuff repaired Romford Essex


Peeling Paint on Bumper in Epping Essex

The photo below shows an area about the size of a saucer where the paint has started to peel of from the bumper. The panel has obviously been sprayed before and the paint has not adhered to the body work properly resulting in the peeling effect. We had to rub back the peeling paint from the bumper until the paint stopped flaking off, this increased the repairable area to the size of a dinner plate.

Peeling paint bumper damage Epping EssexPeeling Paint Repair Epping Essex


If you have a similar type of damage on your car and you need it fixed you can call us on 0800 0778832 or email us a photo

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