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Bumper Scuff Repair

A bumper scuff is light collision damage on either front or rear bumpers, mouldings or their casings. A bumper scuff usually covers a corner of a bumper where paint has been removed but sometimes can involve other parts of the panel that also have paint damage. Also known as bumper scrapes and bumper scratches they are caused by light impact with either another vehicle or stationery object that cut deep groves, scratches and dents into and on the paint surface. Car Body Repairs 4 Less mobile bumper repair service would be able to fix the bumper scuff without respraying the whole bumper. Repair time for the bumper scuff would be approximately 2 - 3 hours. Prices this mobile service vary on the severity of damage and area to be sprayed (average price of £95). Car Body Repairs 4 Less carrys out Car Bumper Scuff Repairs within selected areas of Hertfordshire, Essex and London. Please see below for the full list of areas in which we cover.

Scuff Repair in Mersea

This job was in Mersea in Essex. It’s an area that we cover but due to its location not a place we visit on a regular basis.  The car had been scuffed while the customer was in a shopping centre. The entire job took around 3 hours from start to finish and looks great

Bumper repair in Merses EssexBumper Repair Mersea


Damaged Bumper on a Skoda in Harpenden

The damage on the Skoda was on the front near side bumper corner and lower wheel arch edge. It’s a basic scuff to repair but looks worse due to the white under coat of the black paint. The area needed a slight bit of filling especially around the arch contour line. The job was carried out in Harpenden and took slightly over 2 hours to complete. As you can see from the high gloss finish the repair is to a very high standard.

Scuffed Skoda HarpendenSkoda Scuff Repair Harpenden


Light Graze on Fiat 500 in Bushey

This customer lived outside the areas hat I cover but luckily she worked in an area that I did.  The damage was caused by a work colleague that caught the lower half of her bumper while she was trying to park. It’s a work car park that’s very tight and easy to catch another car in.

As you can see it’s only just taken the paint off on the lower near side bumper corner nothing too serious. The hardest part of this particular job was the colour. It’s a new colour for Fiat on a limited production run Mint Milkshake it was called and used a few tints that are rarely used in paint mixing.

The job was carried out in Bushey South Hertfordshire at the customer work address. With the car park there being as busy and as full as it is I’m sure it wont be the last time ill be visiting.

Fiat Scuff RepairFiat 500 Scuff


Scuff damage Sawbridgeworth

Another driver caused this scuff on the rear bumper. As you can see the paintwork has been scuffed off the corner of the bumper panel. This customer was based in Sawbridgeworth on the Essex borders. The job was carried out at the customer’s home address and in less than 2 hours.

Bumper damage sawbridgeworthBumper scuff repair sawbridgeworth


Bumper Scuff Repair Ware

This customer has scuffed the lower valance area of his BMW on a high curb.  The resulting damage had gouged out deep scrapes in the panel work. The area had to be re-filled to get the contours of the panel back. The job was carried out at the customer’s home address in Ware Hertfordshire and completed within 2 hours.

bumper scuff warebumper scuff repair ware


Scuff on Smart Car St Albans

Another driver had caught the rear bumper on this Smart Car while it was stationery. The paintwork has been scraped on the wheel arch edge and had left an area around 6 inches where the paint had been removed. The customer was based just outside St. Albans in an area called Markyate. The job took just under 2 hours to complete.

Bumper scuff repair MarkyateBumper damage Markyate


Scuffed front Bumper on SEAT in Royston

This scuff on the front corner of the panel was caused by another driver slightly touching the front panel while trying to revere. The impact was only light but was enough to leave a good few impact marks on the paintwork. The area that needed to be fixed was from the wheel arch around to the number plate section. The job was carried out at the customer’s home in Royston Hertfordshire and in under 2 hours.

Bumper Scuff Damage RoystonBumper scuff repair royston


Bumper Scuff Damage on Citroen in East London

This job was carried out in the morning in a busy part of East London. The car was a hire car and needed to be fixed before the end of the week when it was due to go back. As you can see from the photos below the damage is located on the edge of the panel and was only slight. The whole job took around 2 hours and was carried out at the customer work address in the Bethnal Green Area.

Bethnal Green Bumper ScuffBethnal Green Bumper scuff repair


Scuff on Front Bumper on BMW in Brentwood

This scuff on the corner edge of the front panel was a deep one caused by scraping the car on a low wall in a car park. The deep scratches had to be filled and the contour line reshaped before we could paint the corner.

This job was carried out in Brentwood Essex at the customers home and within 2 hours of starting the job

Bumper Scuff Brntwood Essex Bumper Scuff Repair Bentwood Essex


Bumper scuff on Ford in Stevenage

This customer had her car's rear bumper corner scuffed while she was off shopping in a supermarket. The damage is only a slight graze and just requires a straight forward rub back and repaint of the localized area.

The job took just under 2 hours which is standard time to repair this type of paintwork damage. The customer was over the moon, the car was only a few days old and she didnt want her family to see the scuff.

Bumper scuff in StevenageBumper scuff repair stevenage


Bumper Scuff on Ford in Barnet North London

This Scuff on the rear of a Ford Focus in Barnet North London is a result of another car colliding with it at low speed. The damage is only superficial with slight warping of the plastic and deep scratches taken from the plastic bumper in an area the size of a dinner plate.

The most difficult aspect of this repair was reshaping the damage bumper and getting the contour lines perfect at the preparation stage. Once the shape and been created the rest of the repair was run of the meal stuff.

Barnet Bumper Scuff Barnet Bumper Scuff Repair


Paint Scuff in Stevenage

This scuff on the rear bumper of a Vauxhall Corsa in Stevenage Hertfordshire was carried out at one of the garages we service in the area. The damage as you can see is right on the edge of the panel, which is a tricky area to try and blend the paint in. The job took us just under 2 hours and looked like new once completed.

Scuff on Yellow Corsa StevenageScuff Repair on Yellow Corsa Stevenage


Damage Low Down On Front End Panel in North London

This graze was caused by the car slightly touching a low wall while the driver was pulling out of a tight driveway. The damage is not too severe and where it is low down it makes it an easy repair job. Total time it took us to complete was under 1 hour.

Lower Valance damage North LondonLower Valance Paint Repair North London


Scuff on Rear of BMW Mini North London

This little beauty was caused by the customer backing into a low post in the ground. The result has scuffed the bumper and also fractured the surrounding paint, which has started to peel. Due to its location we had to blend the paint up to and across the corners. The job took just under 2 hours.

Scuff on Mini North LondonScuff on Mini North London Repair


Scuff on Focus in Goffs Oak

The brick wall this car hit is now on the floor in ruins. This customer had grazed the corner section of his rear bumper panel on the outer most wall of his drive. As you can see the damage is quite deep and in need of filling. This job took uys just over 2 hours to fix.

Bumper damage Goffs OakBumper Repair Goffs Oak Herts

Bumper Scuff Repair in Ware Herts

This damage on the front off side panel corner was caused by taking a corner in a car park too early, the result was this deep set of bumper scratches that shaved off quite a fair bit of plastic from the protruding contour line.

Scuff front bumper wareScuff fixed on bumper in ware herts


Bumper Scuff Hertford Hertfordshire

This slight knock is on a Lexus in Hertford Hertfordshire. The damage is only slight but the size of the area to blend in is quite large. The damage was caused by another driver trying to reverse out of a tight spot in a supermarket car park. The job took under 2 hours to complete.

Bumper Scuff HertfordBumper Repair Hertford

Small Bumper Chip In Watford Herts 16/08/14

Very early start to this little job in Watford Herts. The customer needed us to be there early on saturday morning, she needed to be out by 10am so we were there for 7:30 ouch! The damage was only small and required us to blend the paint around the corner of the panel, the job took just under two hours and looked perfect once completed.

Small chip on panel in WatfordMobile scuff repair in Watford

Multiple scratches in Ware Hertfordshire 01/04/14

These photos show multiple areas of damage on a Car located in Ware in Hertfordshire. The accident occurred when the driver ran into a low post, the result left multiple scuffs from the top of the rear bumper going all the way down to the bottom. We don't charge for individual scuffs only for the size of the area to spray, so even thou there were numerous scuffs on the corner its the same price, so the customer saved a fair amount of money on this one

Bumper damage ware hertsdamage on car in Hertfordshire

Mobile Bumper Repair in Watford Hertfordshire 01/02/14

This customer had multiple areas of damage all over 2 of his cars. The worst of the lot was this knock on the front near side corner. He hit the car against a low wall while manoeuvring his vehicle into a tight spot. The resulting impact took deep gouges out of the plastic and indented the panel slightly on the wheel arch section. The whole job took about 2 hours, the hardest part of this repair was the dent on the edge for we had to reshape it instead of filling it which took longer than expected.

Bumper Scuff Repair WatfordBumper Scuff Damage Watford

Mobile Bumper Scuff Repair Buntingford 28/01/14

This scuff on the front off side corner of the panel was a bit of a mystery on how it occurred. the customer left his car in a lane just off his house with the damaged side away from the road. When he used the car later on in the day he had noticed the scuff. A car couldn't have caused it and it doesn't look intentional (maybe a ghost). The whole job took just over an hour to fully complete, the customer was pleased with the result. He wont park there again.

Bumper Scuff Damage BuntingfordMobile Bumper Scuff Repair Buntingford

Bumper Scuff Repair Hertford 03/01/14

This knock on the rear near side bumper was caused by the driver getting too close to his brick wall on his driveway. The customer only wanted the bumper section sprayed and the small chip on the edge of the wing to be touched in. The whole process took an hour and a half to complete. The day we carried out this repair the weather was against us and it rained the whole day, so glad we had our portable shelter.

Bumper Scuff Damage HertfordBumper scuff repair Hertford


Bumper Scuff Repair St Albans Hertfordshire 12/12/13

This little knock on the rear panel was caused by the driver slightly touching the wall of his house while trying to park on his driveway. The damage is only over a small area but some of the plastic has been scuffed out of the component by the impact. The area had to be filled with some specialist plastic padding filler to even out the surface area of the bumper.

Bumper Scuff Damage St AlbansBumper Scuff Repair St Albans

The hardest part of this job was the colour for if any debris fell onto the paintwork while we were spraying then we would have had to start again, for the imperfection would stand out like a saw thumb on a white background. Luckily everything went to plan.

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