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Bumper Scratch Repair

Bumper scratches caused by a collision with the cars bumper can be repaired by our mobile smart repair service which comes to your home or place of work in order to carry out the mobile bumper scratch repairs in Hertfordshire, Essex and London. Repair time for a standard bumper scratch or bumper scratches which are located on or around the corner of a bumper would generally take between 2 - 3 hours in total to finish. 99% of all bumper scratch damage can be repaired by our mobile scratch repair teams, if you are in doubt about the severity of yours and are wondering whether it can be fixed or not then send us an email with a photo of the bumper scratch and we will get back to you in 24 hours, or fill in our Car Body Repair Quote form.

Deep Scratch  in Wickford Essex

This deep scratch was caused by a low wall that the driver couldn’t see.  A fair amount of plastic from the bumper had been removed which needed to be replaced. The job took around 3 hours to complete and looks like it was never there in the first place.

Deep scrtach in wickford essexBumper repair wickford essex


Fiat 500 Scratch in Sawbridgeworth

Probably one of the most popular cars around at the moment and also one of the most common cars that get scuffed. The Fiat 500 is an iconic car and a new take on an old classic, the reason I think that it gets scuffed so much is that it has such a bulbous shape that the driver can find it hard to judge the distance due to its sloping curves down to both bumpers.

This Fiat 500 had been damaged when the customer was trying to park. As you can see the paint has been removed from the front arch section. The repair was carried out at the customer’s home address in Sawbridgeworth and took under 2 hours to complete.


Deep Scratch Repair on BMW

This customer had only just picked up his brand new BMW from the showroom with just delivery miles on it when a driver just caught the top edge of the front bumper corner while trying to park. As you can see from the photo there are a series of deep gouges at the top edge near the light fitting that have taken out a fair amount of plastic from the panel.

This customer was based in Ware in Hertfordshire and worked 6 days a week so no chance in carrying out the job at his home address. Luckily he also worked in ware and they were able to provide me with access to electric and space for me to park next to his car, which was ideal.

The job took slightly under 2 hours and looks like new. Also love the new colour Atlantic Grey that BMW have just released, looks great and easy to paint to boot.

BMW bumper scratch repair Bmw scrtach repair


Bumper Scratch in Barnet

This customer had scraped the lower corner of her car while trying to get into her garage. As you can see the damage is across the front off side wing and stretches over the lower arch and bumper area. The job was carried out in Barnet North London and completed within 2 hours. A great colour to paint and when done correctly has a fantastic finishing gloss.

Bumper Damage in BarnetBumper Repair in Barnet


Bumper Scratch Bishops Stortford

This slight scuff damage is on the front offside corner. The car was pretty new and in mint condition, it was only the damaged paintwork that let the cars exterior down. Being a darker grey it showed up the light undercoat and could be clearly seen even from a distance. It was a straightforward fix and a simple job compared to some of the others I’ve experienced over the years. The customer was based in Bishops Stortford; the job was carried out outside the customer’s home in Bishops Stortford. In total from start to finish it took slightly under 2 hours to complete. The finish looked great as if it was never there in the first place.

 If you live in or around the Bishops Stortford area and are in need of a similar job don’t hesitate to call or text a photo over to 07966799721 for a quick quote, you can even email photos to

Bumper scratch repairBumper Scratch Bishops Stortford


Bumper Scratch on Mercedes

This customer had scuffed the front of his Mercedes SLK on a wall whilst trying to park. As you can see the bumper plastic has been scuffed deep on the corner taking paint and pieces of plastic off the panel. The customer had originally gone to a local Mercedes repair centre for a quote, they had wanted to remove and replace the entire panel. As you can imagine the quote for such a fix was well in excess or £1000. Luckily the customer had decided to look elsewhere for a competitive quote on the Car Bumper Repair. We quoted over 80% cheaper than the Mercedes garage. The job took slightly under 2 hours to fix and looked like new and no need to replace the bumper.

Car Bumper Damage WareCar Bumper Repair Ware


Scratch Repair in Felsted

This slight graze on the lower bumper/wheel arch trim was caused by a low trolley hitting the car at a DIY store in the Felsted area of Essex. Body shops were quoting to replace the trim section with costs coming in at over £300. We fixed the graze on the trim in 2 hours and didn’t replace any parts, all carried out at the customer’s home address.

Scratch Damage FelstedBumper Repair Felsted


Bumper Scratch Repair Hitchin

This Fiat 500 in Sky Blue was driven too close to a post in a car park. The post grazed the corner of the panel leaving behind deep gouges in the vehicles paintwork. The job was carried out at the customer’s home address in Hitchin Hertfordshire and took slightly over 2 hours to complete. Once the job was done the panel looked like new.

scratch repair hitchinScratch Hitchin


BMW Scratch Repair Welwyn Garden City

The paint damage was on the rear panel of a BMW in Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire. The customer found my details on the Internet and sent over a few photos of the damaged bumper. A price was agreed and the work carried out within a week. The bumper scratch wasn’t too hard to repair and took just under 2 hours to complete t the customer’s home address in Welwyn Garden City.

Auto Scuff WelwynAuto scratch repair welwyn


Scratch Bumper on Peugeot in Woodford

The hardest part of this type of repair was the colour. White is one of the hardest colours to paint outside due to the fact that it shows up any imperfection in the paintwork. So every layer and process had to be checked and double checked to make sure no small bits of debris or dust got into the painting process. The job took 2 hours to complete and was carried out at the customer’s home address in Woodford in east London.

Auto damage woodfordAuto scratch repair woodford


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