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Car Seat Burn Repair in Hertfordshire, Essex and London

A Car Seat Burn (also known as Cigarette Burn ) would be multiple or single burns on a cars or any vehicles interior seats or upholstery. Car Body Repairs 4 Less would be able to fix the Seat Burn by replacing the fibres lost by the burn damage. Repair time for a Cigarette Burn or Seat Burn would be 1 hours. Prices for this type of service average at £45. This service is carried out within Hertfordshire, Essex, and London.

Seat Burn Repair Hatfield

This burn is on the rear seat of a Vauxhall Astra in Hatfield in Hertfordshire. Red is a very difficult colour to match especially on seats for there are many shades and over time the red fades on different areas of the seat depending on use and exposure to sunlight.  There are 2 burns, 1 on the upright area of the seat and the other on the lower part. The Cigarette burn took under 30 minutes to fix and looks like new.

seat burn damage hatfieldseat burn repair hatfield


Cigarette Damage in Stevenage

It’s pretty obvious that a cigarette caused this burn, as you can see the ash has penetrated the foam backing of the seat fabric and has left a nasty hole. We came to this customer’s home address in Stevenage in Hertfordshire and fixed the burn damage in under 30mins. This customer was quoted over £250 to get it fixed but we managed to repair the burn for less than half of that.

Seat burn StevenageSeat Burn Repair Stevenage


Burn on Drivers Seat in Ware Hertfordshire

As you can see the burn on this seat has multiple punctures with a large area that has been discoloured by the burning ash. The Burn was the easy bit to fix, it was the blending in around the hole area that was the hard part. This customer was based in Ware Hertfordshire, the job took slightly over 20mins to fix.

Fag Burn Damage HertfordshireUpholstery Repair Hertfordshire


Fag Burn on a Vauxhall Corsa in Romford

This fag burn is a basic type of repair with the damage on a non-pattern seat the results are usually perfect.  The job was carried out in Romford in Essex and took under 30 mins to complete. If you live in the Romford area and need a Fag Burn Repair Quote then give us a call 08000778832

Fag burn repairSeat burn repair romford


Seat Burn Damage in Hertfordshire

The customer smoking while driving caused this cigarette hole. The cigarette was dropped and burned a hole within the seats fabric. The hole has gone through to the foam and required a filling agent in order to refill the depressed area. A matching fibre was then placed over the top while careful attention had to be paid not to disrupt the pattern too much.

This job was carried out in Standon in Hertfordshire. The job took around 30 minutes to complete.

seat burn ware hertfordshirecigarette burn ware hertfordshire


Seat Burn Repair Ware

This seat burn repair was carried out in Ware Hertfordshire. This has to be one of the hardest types of repairs to carry out on a car seat. The pattern of the seat is so small  and the burn quite large that filling the hole with only one type of fibre would make it stand out more. So we had to blend in the fibres around the damaged area using a different fleck of fibre.

Seat Burn Repair Ware HertfordshireSeat Burn Ware Hertfordshire


Seat Burn Repair Harlow Essex

This burn upholstery repair on the front seat was for a customer based in Harlow Essex. The burn itself went through the cloth upholstery and partly through the foam padding. The job took just over 20 minuites to fix, we had to replace the foam that was burnt and blow over matching fibres over the hole to blend in the fabric colour. This customer was originally going to replace the seat cover entirely at a cost of over £350 but decided against it when he viewed our before and after photos of previous jobs we had carried out and at just over £50 was well worth it.

seat burn harlow essexseat uphostery repair harlow essex


Fixing Someone Elses Job in Stevenage

We have carried out a lot of burn repairs over the years we have been in business, some are easy to fix while others can be very tricky to put right. But nothing has ever been as hard to fix as the one in the photos below.

This customer had burnt her car seat while driving and called another smart repair service to come and fix it (Chips Away). The technitian that carried out the job was local to her and claimed that the repair he did was not noticeable from 1 metre away (which is the industry standard). Take a look at the photos below, as you can see the job he did was a very poor one and was noticeable from 10m away let alone 1m.

The customer was giving this car back to the lease company and could not afford for them to see the substandard job that had been carried out, so she contacted us.

Take a look at the two photos below the one on the left was the Chips Away job and the one on the right was our repair of his mess.

Seat Burn StevenageSeat Burn Repair Stevenage


Interior Burn Repair in Harlow

This obviously was caused by a dropped cigarette, the area effected is very clean with no stains or signs or ware and tare so a pretty straight forward job. The colour is a solid grey which aids in the blending in of the fibres.

This customer was based in an area called Church Langley in Harlow Essex about 20 minutes drive from our base so relatively local. The job only took 20 minutes to complete and the final appearance is amazing.

Upholstery Damage HarlowUpholstery damage on car seat


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