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Cracked Bumper Repair in Hertfordshire, Essex and London

Cracked bumper damage would be multiple or single cracks on either the cars front or rear plastic bumpers. Car Body Repairs 4 Less would be able to fix the cracked bumper plastic by spraying either the whole panel or part of the panel depending on its location. Repair time for a cracked bumper plastic would be 2 - 3 hours. The cost to fix a cracked bumper would vary depending on the severity of the cracked bumper and area to be sprayed, an average price of £120 and guaranteed for 2 years. Colour matches for all makes and models are available. Car Boy Repairs 4 Less carrys out this type of service within selected areas of Hertfordshire, Essex and London

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Bumper Hole Repair Harlow

This Land Rover Discovery Sport had been skewered by a metal post attached to a gate that swung into the car. The damage resulted in a hole that punctured the plastic bumper close to the number plate section. Land Rover had told the customer that they would have to replace the entire panel to fix the problem at quite an expense to the customer. We managed to repair the damage making it look like it was never there in the first place and without replacing any part or panel. The job was carried out at the customer’s home address and within 3 hours.

hole in plastic bumper harlowhole repair on plastic bumper


Split Plastic Bumper Repair Ware

This crack on the front bumper plastic was on a brand new Van that had been hit by another vehicle. The split in the plastic had gone all the way through from the top of the trim down 6 inches.

After removing all non-essential trims around the damaged section we had to carry out a plastic weld and reinforce the split with hot staples. After the hard work of fixing the split the rest was easy. The job took around 2 hours to complete at the customers work address in ware Hertfordshire.

split bumper damage wareSplit bumper repair ware


Split Bumper Plastic Hemel Hempstead

This customer had another car hit the rear of her vehicle which split her rear panel. The crack is around 6-8inchs long. The job took just over 2 hours to complete and looks like new. Carried out in Hemel Hempstead.

Split Bumper HemelSplit BUmper Repair Hemel


Cracked Bumper Plastic St Albans

This crack was located on the rear bumper on a car in St Albans Hertfordshire. The type of job was a difficult one to carry out due to the size and position of the cracked plastic area. Where the damage went across a contour line it made it made it particularly hard to get the shape back. After 4 hours of work it looks like it was never there.

split bumper st albansSplit Bumper Repair St Albans


Cracked Bumper Damage Hitchin

The customer had reversed into a post that had a protruding piece of metal. The metal pierced the rear bumper plastic on the corner and left a crack and whole in the rear panel. The job took around 3 hours to complete and looks like new again, all carried out at the customers home address in Hitchin Hertfordshire.

cracked rear panel hitchinPlastic bumper repair hitchin


Cracked Bumper Letchworth Garden City

This customer had his rear bumper section near the blanking cap cracked when he reversed into another vehicle. The cracked area of plastic is around 4-5 inches in length. This customer was based in Letchworth Garden City; the job was carried out at his home address and completed within 3 hours.

Cracked Bumper LetchworthCracked Bumper Repair Letchworth Garden City


Bumper Crack Repair Hertford

This customer had caught the rear corner panel of his car while driving in France. The impact had caused the rear corner to split and leave a V shaped crack on the bumper plastic. A well-known accident repair centre had originally advised him that the bumper had to be replaced. and that a plastic bumper repair could not be achieved by a mobile service. He decided he didn’t want to pay the £800 they were asking so he contacted us.

We fixed the crack on the plastic bumper panel for under £150 and at the customer’s house within 3 hours of starting the job.

Bumper Crack on Corsa HertfordBumper Crack Repair Hertford


Cracked Mercedes Bumper in Hitchin

This crack is located on the front bumper of a Mercedes. The crack in the plastic panel went al the way through and had slightly distorted the area around it.

We had to first reshape the plastic then hot staple and plastic weld the crack. The job took us just over a couple of hours to complete. This customer was based in Hitchin on the Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire boarder.

Crack on Mercedes Bumper HitchinCrack on Mercedes Bumper Repair Hitchin


Cracked Bumper Repair in Ware

This job was carried out in Widford, a little village in Ware Hertfordshire. The customer’s daughter had just passed her driving test and on returning home from work one day had collided with a low brick wall. As you can see from the photo below the plastic has been punctured, scuffed and slightly warped.

It took us just over 2 hours to fix the damage and put it back into showroom condition. The hardest part was carrying out the work on one of the wettest days of the year. Thank god for our portable shelter!

Cracked Bumper in WidfordWidford Bumper Repair


Punctured Plastic section in Buntingford Hertfordshire

This customers best friend reversed into the front of his car. The impact created a crack and a hole in the bumper plastic on the front near side section. We had to carry out a plastic weld to secure the seal then used plastic padding to reshape the rest. This was all carried out in under 3 hours.

Crack on Plastic BuntingfordCrack fixed on Plastic Buntingford


Cracked Rear Brentwood Essex

This customer had got a little to close to a wall while trying to park near his house. As you can see the result of the impact has left a large crack thats at least 15cm long. Not only is it cracked but the surounding area has also been dented in slightly. The repair work on this took us nearly 3 hours to complete the job. The finished looked amazing.

Cracked rear BrentwoodCracked bumper brentwood essex

Cracked Rear bumper in Barking Essex

The damage on the rear of this ford was caused by reversing into a very low post. The customer had sensors, but they didnt seem to work on this occassion. The crack is only slight but did need some reshaping and plastic padding to get it back into shap. The finish was top notch acoding to the customer and was very pleased he didnt have to pay his insurence excess.

Cracked Bumper BarkingCracked bumper essex



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