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Key Scratch Repair in Hertfordshire, Essex and London

A Vandal scratch (also known as Key scratch) would be multiple or single deep scratch or scratches on a cars front or rear door, front or rear wing panels, bonnet, roof or boot. Car Body Repairs 4 Less would be able to fix the Key Scratch by either spraying the whole or part of the component depending on the key scratches location. Repair time for a Key scratch or vandal scratch would be 2 - 3 hours. Prices for this service average at £95. Key scratch repairs carried out within Hertfordshire, Essex, and London.

Vandal Scratch Repair in Ware Hertfordshire

This customer had a vandal scratch on the rear of his BMW. He had parked his car in a supermarket and on his return found that someone had keyed a deep gouge in the rear wing just above the wheel arch area. He had taken the car to an Accident Repair centre that wanted to spray the entire side of the car in order to blend in the paint. As you can imagine the cost for such a job was way over £750 and he would have had to lose the use of his car for at least a week. We quoted nearly 75% less and the job was completed within 2 hours outside the customer’s house. So no need to paint the entire side of the car we just painted the area where the Vandal Scratch was on.

Vandal Scratch Damage WareVandal Scratch Repair Ware


Key Scratch Repair in Hoddesdon

This scratch was on the rear of a brand new Honda Civic. A vandal caused the damage while the car was parked over night. As you can see from the photo below the damage stretches across most of the door panel. Most of the door had to be painted in order to blend in the paint, but as you can see its completely invisible.

Door scratch damage in HoddesdonDoor scratch repair in Hoddesdon


Panel scratch on door in Loughton

This scratch on the door was from one side to the next. The damage is quite deep and needed a lot of work to build up the paint layers. The job was carried out in Loughton Essex at the customer’s home in less than 3 hours.

Door Scratch LoughtonDoor Scratch Repair Loughton


Door Scratch Repair Ware Hertfordshire

This customer was based in ware Hertfordshire. This scratch was the direct result of vandalism. The scratch stretches over 2 panels, the rear door and the rear wing.  In order to fully fix the vandal damage most of the middle section of the door and most of the middle section of the rear wing had to be sprayed in order to blend in the paint.  The job took us just a little over 2 hours.

Door Scratch WareDoor Scratch Repair Hertfordshire


Key Scratch Enfield

This intentional key scratch on a BMW in Enfield was carried out while this cusomer was dropping of a friend to the train station. Not too sure wheather he park in some ones space or what but it doesnt warrent scratching the car for it. Job carried out and completed within 2 hours.

door scratch enfieldDoor scratch repair enfield


Vandal Scratch in Stoke Newington

This poor customer took his newly purchase BMW 1 Series to Bournemouth for the weekend with his family. What he was expecting was a couple of nice days in the sun, not a 4-foot vandal scratch down the side of his car. The damage starts on the front wing and continues to the edge of the front door. The damage is difficult enough to fix let alone the colour of the car which is a bit of a nightmare to blend in. The customer was understandably worried about the outcome of the job. Once we finished he was as pleased as punch, see for your self.

Door Scratch Stoke NewingtonScratch Repair Stoke Newington

Damage on Wing Stoke NewingtonFied Damage on Front Wing Stoke Newington


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