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Scratch repair Prices

Even though scratches only look like minor damage to a cars paintwork they can be the most difficult to repair. Working out a Scratch Repair cost can be a nightmare for the service tasked to issue it. When it comes down to the nitty gritty of working out a scratch repair price it all boils down to the size of area needed to spray in order to blend in the paint and depth of scratch.

Some scratches on cars paintwork can be so deep they even gouge out some of the base metal while others are light enough to be polished off. Trying to ascertain which is which from a series of images can be extremely difficult and giving someone the wrong quote for the wrong type of scratch can be easily done. To get a 100% accurate quote for your scratch repair price it’s always better to have it looked at in person.

Below are a series of photos, which have varying degrees of scratch severity, see if you can work out if it’s a deep scratch or a light polish off scratch

Deep panel ScratchDeep scratch repair

Even thou this scratch look light it’s actually the deepest out of the 3 given examples.

Light Scratch DamageLight scratch repair cost

This is the lightest of all the scratches and just required cutting back with a compound to completely remove the damage.

Average scratch repair costScratch respray cost

This one is just under the paint surface, too deep to polish off and just needs a rub back and spray to repair the damage.

The best way to work out if a scratch is too deep to polish out is to run your fingernail across the scratch and if you can feel an edge or your nail gets caught within the scratch then it would need to be sprayed

Spraying is always a more costly option when it comes to repairing scratch damage, but sometime is the only alternate. You could have it touched in with a paintbrush, this would disguise the scratch but it would still be visible to the naked eye.

If you have it sprayed then the larger the area there is that needs to be painted then the more costly the repair is likely to be. We use an adaptive Smart Repair technique that lets us spray most areas of a car as long as we can blend the paint around corners or edges. If you have a scratch and its located in the middle of a door panel then most of the door would need to be painted in order to blend it in. But if the scratch is on an area that has curves flowing around it like a wing or bumper then the area needed to paint would be minimal.

So if you require a price for a scratch repair the best thing to do would be to email over a good few images (close up and from a distance) and let us know if you can feel an edge to it when you run your finger nail over it. This would let us know the scratch depth and from the photos work out the size of area we would need to spray. This is all we would require to work out a price for your scratch damage.


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